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Access is granted only for pass holders (Master Pass & Premium Pass holders).

Our next e-Com Accelerator is about to launch 🚀 

You can view the upcoming schedule below and also book your ticket below too. Limited spaces are available and no spaces will be held open.

Class 1: 30th June (Available for all pass holders)

Welcome, and business set up.

Introduction to the Ecom accelerator/course details / and business setup

Class 2: 7th July (Available for all pass holders)

Getting started with Shopify.

Shopify basics, a tour of the platform.

My Top 10 Website plugins to make store building easier.

MASTER PASS HOLDERS - Access to recommended Products

Class 3: 14th July (Available for all pass holders)

Product Selection.

Importing & Editing Products.

Tools to use / Free software recommendations.

Where to find high-quality images for free to use in your store.

How to write descriptions for your products.

My top 10 apps to install on your store to aid conversions and drive traffic to your store.

Class 4: 28th July (Available for all pass holders)

Styling your theme.

Navigating the features of your theme.

How to setup up your theme.

Colours to use to help convert and the psychology behind them.

Simple coding shortcuts anyone can use for added features.

MASTER PASS HOLDERS - Free Theme of your choice

Class 5: 4th August (Available for all pass holders)

Final Check.

Class 6: 8th August

8th August 2022

How to embed videos into your Shopify store.


Class 7: 11th August (Available for all pass holders)

The importance of social media for your store and how to use it to maximise credibility and drive free traffic to your store.

What to post / when to post

Websites to use to create free content for your socials.

Class 8: 22nd August (Available for all pass holders)

Preparing for Marketing

How to make ad creatives

Posts / videos / carousels

Class 9: 31 August (Available for all pass holders)

Setting up ads

Campaign setup

The different type of ads

A guide to ad metrics

Class 10: 8th September (Available for all pass holders)

Ad maintenance

MASTER  PASS HOLDERS - 1x Zoom Anthony + Marketing Strategy eBook

Class 11: 14 September (Available for all pass holders)

Ad Retargeting

Class 12: 21st September (Available for all pass holders)


Review of we've learnt on the course + Q&A's

Class 13: 22nd September (Available for all pass holders)

Store maintenance.

Action plans moving forward.

Key marketing dates in the year to maximise sales and how to prepare for them.

Class 14: 25th September (Available for all pass holders)


A gift for all MASTER PASS HOLDERS (2x 50% off discount codes for sessions with experts).

All Master Pass Holders will have access to join a private group on Instagram where the Change Online team can have daily check-ins with everyone.